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About PSchool by Prabhuti Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Initiated years back, Prabhuti Systems is now offering Pschool Online services to the customers across the world. We are one of the rapidly growing organizations in the field of school ERP solution. Our best school ERP services includes Attendance Management System, Biometric/ RFID Card attendance System, Exam management software, Mobile App System, Multi branches School Management Software Systems, School Calendar Software, School Dynamic Website and SMS Notifications. Through our services, we aim to ensure world class security management system for the schools.

PSchool school management software by Prabhuti Systems is a complete, fully customizable school ERP ideal for educational institutions including schools, colleges, universities, training centers and more. We have skilled and experienced team of professionals who design online school ERP software integrated with all the required modules of an educational institution, in one application added with user friendly interface.

Our complete online school management software solutions help schools to access to apt information and functions to all members of the schools including school administrators, academic staff, student, and parents. Added with user-friendly technology, our school ERP solution manages everything starting from admission to attendance and exams to result cards. Our custom data import tools are made available for easy migration from your existing software.

Incorporating school management software increases the productivity by maintaining track records in less time and increasing the accuracy of data organization. Additionally, the software enhances a student-teacher collaboration which is truly a plus point for any institute.